Sunday, September 22, 2013

Program for GulfMAR 2013

Registration for GulfMAR 2013 is on-going.  Although there is no registration fee, we ask that you register in advance to assist us in planning refreshments, parking, and other logistical matters.  To register for the conference, please send an email with subject line "GulfMAR Registration" to organizer Chris Barrett ( with the following information: Your name and institutional affiliation, as you would like them to appear on a conference badge; your work address; your mobile phone number or preferred contact information; your email address; whether you will be driving to the LSU campus for the conference and thus require a parking pass; and whether you have any dietary restrictions or allergies you would like accommodated.  We look forward to welcoming you to the conference!

Friday, September 27
12pm: Registration begins at French House.
Coffee service and light refreshments offered.

12:45pm, French House Main Salon:
Welcome and opening remarks

1-2:30pm, French House Main Salon: Re-reading Shakespeare
            Chair: Catherine Loomis (University of New Orleans)
            Natalia Fiore (Hillsborough Community College), “Shakespeare’s Sonnet 87: A ‘Misreading’”
            Celia Lewis (Louisiana Tech University), “Grieving for the Absent Male: Brotherless Sisters and Fatherless Daughters in Twelfth Night
            Catherine Riley (Louisiana State University), “The Rhetorical Dilemma for Women in Julius Caesar and Coriolanus

1-2:30pm, French House Room 220: History, Histories, and Style
            Chair: Lisi Oliver (Louisiana State University)
            George Molchan (Louisiana State University), “From West to East: Locating the Orient in the Matter of Britain”
David Porter (Southern University), “O Thou Second Person! Pronouns and Style in the Middle English Romance”
            Joe Wingenbach (Louisiana State University), “Epistolary Exchange in the Death of King Arthur: the Romance of the Late Pseudo-Histories”
2:45-4:15pm, French House Main Salon: “Women of Style in the Age of Chaucer”
            Chair: Jesse Gellrich (Louisiana State University)
            Elizabeth Green (Louisiana State University), “Legal Rights of Women in Medieval Wales: Medieval Land Inheritance”
Stephanie Johnson (University of West Florida), “The Hypocrisy of Criseyde: Creating Character from Conversation in Three Texts”
            Katherine Willis (Louisiana State University), “‘This is the final ende of al this thyng’: Striking a Bitter Bargain in Chaucer’s ‘Legend of Ariadne’”

2:45-4:15pm, French House Room 220: Character and Spirituality in the Age of Shakespeare
            Chair: Mary Sirridge (Louisiana State University)
            Amanda Allen (Louisiana State University), “‘And let these heretics preach’: Luke Shepherd’s Poetry as Protestant Theological Teaching Tool in Mid-Sixteenth Century England”
            M. Thomas Hester (North Carolina State University), “‘the time is free’: Reading Macbeth, the Scottish Play”
            William Robison (Southeastern Louisiana University), “Will Out of This World: How Shakespeare (Frequently) Became Someone Else on Film and Television”

4:30-6pm, French House Room 220: “Gender and Sexuality: Representing Women in the Age of Elizabeth”
            Chair: Vikki Forsyth (Tulane University)
            Hannah Griggs (Loyola University New Orleans alumna), “Ephesus, Marriage, and The Comedy of Errors
            Catherine Loomis (University of New Orleans), “‘One that so willingly lay her legges open’: Seated Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I”
            Meredith Will (Louisiana State University), “A Pansy for Your Thoughts: How Ophelia’s Flowers Are Addressed in Modern Film Adaptations”

6pm, French House Main Salon:
Reception with light refreshments

Saturday, September 28

8am, French House Main Salon: Coffee service begins

8:30-10am, French House Main Salon: Love, Lovers, Confessio
            Shannon R. Holst (University of West Florida), “A Rhetorical Analysis of John Gower’s Confessio Amantis
            Andrea Johnson (University of West Florida), “The Politics of Love in Gower’s Confessio Amantis
            Sara Ritchey (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), “Saintly Transmissions: Gender and Affect in KBR MS 8060”

8:30-10am, French House Room 220: Early Modern Experiments—Marlowe, Milton, Donne
            Chair: Victor L. Stater (Louisiana State University)
            Ben Mabry (Louisiana State University), “Barabbas: The Bad Machiavellian”
            Ben Moran (University of Alabama), “Rethinking Milton’s Epic Voice: The Evolving Terms of Poetic Authority in Paradise Lost
            Cristina Rosell (Louisiana State University), “Sappho Speaks: Donne and the Dramatic Monologue”

10:15-11:45am, French House Main Salon:  New Perspectives on Art and Architectural History
            Chair: Marie-Thérèse Champagne (University of West Florida)
            Samantha Perez (Tulane University), “Art, Politics, and the Venus Statue in Late Medieval Sienna”
            Matthew Savage (Louisiana State University), “Toward a Practical and Theoretical Approach to Mimesis and Byzantine Architecture”
            Carla White (Louisiana State University), “Reassembled Art and History: Issues of Renovation, Restoration, and Reconstruction through the History of the San Michele in Africisco (Ravenna) Mosaics”

10:15-11:45am, French House Room 220: Expanding Medieval and Renaissance Studies Horizons
            Chair:  Michelle Zerba (Louisiana State University)
            Safa Elnaili (Louisiana State University), “The Islamic Context of Protagonist and Antagonist in the Arabian Nights”
Vikki Forsyth (Tulane University), “A Memetic Approach to Early Modern Literature”
            Halil Ibrahim (Gok (Kirikkale University-Turkey), “Slavery in the Mediterranean World in the Medieval Era”

11:45am, French House Main Salon:
boxed lunch served
12noon-1pm, French House Main Salon: 
Business Meeting
12noon-1pm, Hill Memorial Library:
tour of medieval and Renaissance special collections at the LSU Libraries

1:30-3pm, French House Main Salon: Humanism, History, and Law in the Medieval Period
            Chair: Christine Kooi (Louisiana State University)
            Erin Halloran (Louisiana State University), “Thomas Linacre's Humanistic Transformation of the English Medical Field”
            Isaac McDuffie (Louisiana State University), “How to Determine Guilt in an Ordeal”
            Malcolm Richardson (Louisiana State University), “The Late London Guilds, Language, and Cultural Change”

1:30-3pm, French House Room 220: Law and Religion in the Middle Ages
            Chair: Maribel Dietz (Louisiana State University)
            Gillian Brownlee (Louisiana State University), “Laws about Priests: A Comparison of Royal and Ecclesiastic Law in Anglo-Saxon Society”
            Marie-Thérèse Champagne (University of West Florida), “Peering into the Past: A Clerical Perspective of Early Twelfth-Century Rome”
            David Liberto (Notre Dame Seminary), “Maimonides and Aquinas on Divine Simplicity and the Divine Names”

3:15-4:45pm, French House Room 220: Sound and Structure
            Chair: Jan Herlinger (Louisiana State University, emeritus; University of Alabama)
Alice Clark (Loyola University New Orleans), “Experiments of Style and Genre in Machaut’s Songs and Motets”
            Brittany Courville (Louisiana State University), “An Early English Sound Change Returns”
            Linda Cummins (University of Alabama), “The Reception of ‘Nicolaus de Capua’”

3:15-4:05pm, French House Main Salon: Epic Adventures
            Chair: Anna Nardo (Louisiana State University)
            Jonathan Broussard (Louisiana State University), “The Argument and Aesthetics of Dragon-Slaying: How the Unferð Flyting Defines and Structures Beowulf’s Heroic Career”
            Brandon Kyle (Louisiana State University), “The Politics of the New Poet: Representations of English Imperial Eschatology in The Faerie Queene

4:45pm, French House Main Salon:  Closing reception,
including graduate prize award ceremony and closing remarks.
Light refreshments will be served.


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