Sunday, September 8, 2013

Parking at LSU for GulfMAR

Map and Parking Guide for Visitors to LSU

Welcome to GulfMAR 2013! All of our conference events will take place at the French House, located at the southeast corner of Highland Road and South Campus Drive.   See the map at the link provided here:

If you registered for the conference (by emailing conference organizer before Sep. 24 and indicated you would be driving to campus, we have set aside a parking pass for you.  In this case, first drive to the parking garage (indicated on the map at the link above) and purchase a one-hour permit for $1.50. The garage entrance is most easily accessed from East Campus Drive.  This will provide you with ample time to walk to the French House (just a few minutes away) and check in at the registration table. You will be handed a registration packet that includes a parking pass as well as a parking lot guide. After picking up your pass, we encourage you to relocate your vehicle rather than continue to pay hourly parking in the garage.

Parking on LSU’s campus is zoned. Your parking pass gives you free access to student lots (both commuter and residential) on Friday, Sept. 27th before 4:30 p.m. After that time, your parking pass gives you free access to all lots and any legal parking spaces. There are residential lots just east of the French House, but they are likely to be full on Friday afternoon. The easiest place to find a parking space before 4:30 on Friday is the commuter lot located north of the Parker Coliseum (indicated on the map at the link above), a five-minute walk to the French House.

Please note carefully the following details about parking on LSU’s campus:
• Be sure to display your parking pass clearly per the instructions on the back of the pass.
• Using parking other than student lots before 4:30 on Friday will likely result in a ticket.
• The parking garage, unlike most other parking places on campus, is metered 24/7. The parking office has
kindly informed us that their employees patrol the garage routinely. Parking there without paying for the
meter or beyond your meter time -- even for a few minutes -- will result in a ticket.
• Please note that your parking pass expires at 11:59 p.m. on Sat. Sept. 28th.

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